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Author Topic: Week 23: Questions for $50!  (Read 1198 times)


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Week 23: Questions for $50!
« on: February 08, 2016, 04:31:43 AM »
1.   A  typical gas condensate well (Well OXY 002)  with average API 49.50 has the following characteristics;
Initial Gas production rate  (MMSCFD): 18                                            
Final Gas production rate  (MMSCFD): 7.5
Initial Condensate Production rate(barrel/MMSCFDS): 30             
Final Condensate Production rate(barrel/MMSCFDS): 5
Initial Produced Water Production (BPD): NIL                                      
Final Produced Water Production (BPD): 2,000

a)   Determine the specific gravity of the mixture for both initial and final conditions (Assume specific gravity of produced water to be 1.04)
b)   What is the Gas liquid Ratio for both initial and final condition?

2.   In the design of 50m DIA x 10m height storage tank, first course and bottom plate thicknesses were evaluted to be 10mm.  How many number of plates will be required for the bottom and first course if 1.8 m x 10m x 10mm standard steel plate is selected if the tank contain 6 courses?

3.   A gas is measured at standard condition (600F) to be 25MMCFD.  What is the actual volumetric flow rate of the gas at 1100F and pressure of 5psig? (Use Z = 0.91)

4.   A typical gas mixture consists of the following components;
Methane (C1) =  78%
Ethane (C2) =    8%
Propane (C3) =  6%
Butane (C4) =    5%
C5+              =    3%
Determine the specific gravity and average molecular weight of the gaseous mixture.

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Winner(s) will be published on Wednesday, February 17, 2016.

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