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Author Topic: Week 21: Questions for $50!  (Read 558 times)


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Week 21: Questions for $50!
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:08:23 AM »
1.  Which of the following methods is the most accurate method for natural gas sampling?
(a). Purge and Fill
(b). Glycol displacement
(c). Water Displacement
(d). None of the above

2. A hydrocarbon reservoir has a GOR of 3500 scf/bbl, how would you classify this reservoir?
(a). Oil
(b). Gas
(c). Condensate
(d). Others
Give REASONS to support your answer.

3.   A reciprocating(Positive Displacement) pump has the following characteristics:
Pump Head       = 2460 ft of head
Stroke length      = 7.125inch
Speed of revolution   = 200rpm
Plunger diameter   = 5.25inch
If this pump is to be used to deliver a crude oil of S.G 0.84 at the flow rate of 20,000 BOPD through 10 ASTM A106 Gr B pipe, determine the pump mean plunger speed and NPSH required for the pump to operate.

4. Common specifications for saleable natural gas includes the following EXCEPT
(a). Water Content
(b). Hydrogen Sulphide Content
(c). Vapour Pressure
(d). Gross Heating Value

Submission Deadline Expired!!!

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