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Author Topic: Week 4: Questions for $70!  (Read 1756 times)


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Week 4: Questions for $70!
« on: July 20, 2015, 07:33:02 AM »
1.   During a troubleshooting exercise, to increase the production rate from a given oil well, three different choke settings were made but the production rate did not change. With no other information provided, which of the following statements must be TRUE?
a.   The well production is using an ESP (Electric Submersible Pump)
b.   The flowline is of nominal size 6”
c.   The well is producing significant sand
d.   The ratio of Flow Line Pressure (FLP) to Flowing Tubing Head Pressure (FTHP) in all three cases were each less than 0.55
e.   The Closed-in Tubing Head Pressure (CITHP) is less than 1,440 Psig
f.   The well has a GOR greater than 0 SCF/Barrel

2.   A reciprocating pump with a rated Head/pressure of 100 Barg, is connected to a 12” x 35km export pipeline. During the pump/pipeline pre-commissioning inspection, an ANSI 16.5 flange of the following configuration was found (via measurement) installed upstream of the pipeline pig launcher:
Flange Diameter= 19”, Number of Bolt holes= 12, Flange thickness: 1 ¼ “
Is there a problem with this finding, YES/NO.? GIVE REASONS FOR YOUR ANSWER.

3.   A 30”OD x 8’ S/S 3-Phase separator is used by a well test company for leased well-test operations. When testing a certain well, the vessel was able to successfully test a well with an oil rate of 2,500 BOPD. When used on another well, they found that it could not efficiently test a well producing at 1,500 BOPD.  Is this condition a possibility? If YES, List at least four (4) factors that can possibly contribute to this scenario.

4.   In an offshore Production Platform, what is the name of the motorized device that is used in Emergency Evacuation and Escape?

5.   In the selection/sizing of a pump, what is the name of the graph that MUST be generated by the design engineer, to ensure proper pump design?

6.   When two Centrifugal Pumps are connected in series, what is/are the critical consideration(s) that MUST be considered to avoid pump damage through overpressure?
a.   MAWP of piping system
b.   MAWP of lead Pump Casing (Pump in front)
c.   MAWP of Lag Pump Casing (Pump behind)
d.   Check Valves on discharge piping
e.   Position of first isolation valve on pump discharge

7.   Which of these factors must be considered in locating a flare in an offshore platform: (Select ALL that apply)
a.   Maximum gas release rate
b.   Predominant Wind direction
c.   Maximum Thermal Solar Radiation level
d.   Produced water rates
e.   Production GOR
f.   None of the above

ONLY 100% Correct Answer wins the STAR prize. Highest Score for all entries, but below 100% wins only 50% of Quiz Prize of $70

Submission Deadline Expired!
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