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« Last post by ffadmin on November 06, 2015, 06:34:55 AM »
Weeks of October 11 - October 31, 2015 Quiz Winner: Aibrahim.

No member met the target 100% score. However, the highest score of 5.7 out of 7, approximately 81.4% was by Aibrahim. He is awarded 50% of the week's $250 cash prize ($125).

The target remains Excellence.
The winner(s) of the "Quiz of the Week" edition of Weeks 13-15 will be announced on or before Friday, November 06, 2015.

The FEDP Forum Team.
I think the Government is to be blamed for not providing the right policies for technological development over the years.
Secondly, we as citizens also need to be blamed, because if the government provides the right environment for technological development but there's limited passion among the citizens to harness this technological development, it would definitely lead to decline in technological development.
I believe we must first define "technological failure" as it relates to Nigeria in it's present level of development. Then, in my opinion I would blame the government. Not just the present government, also previous governments, as I believe government is responsible those governed.
Then again government consists of not just those in power but also members of the society.
This means we all are to blame.

Who is to blame for Nigeria's technological failure: The Government, The Citizens or Tribalism?

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« Last post by ffadmin on October 15, 2015, 02:59:44 AM »
1.   A new pipeline project requires the use of 500 standard lengths of 12” SCH 80 Carbon Steel Pipes. A vendor contacted your company and stated that they have over 600 pcs of 12” SCH 80 pipes in stock in their Port Harcourt Yard. As the project engineer, what minimum information/data do you require to verify the acceptability of the vendor’s pipes or otherwise?
a.   List at least a minimum of seven (7) applicable line pipe parameters/data. 
b.   When you visit the site, how do you plan to carry out the confirmation of the pipe suitability in a way that will eliminate the risk of poor engineering judgement?

2.   During a HAZOP study exercise, on the segment for Guide Word Deviation for HIGH PRESSURE, for a 3 Phase Separator Node, the team identified PSHH and PSV as safeguards. The drawing actually showed the PSHH (High Pressure Safety trip function) and PSV (Pressure Safety Valve) in place.
a.   As an engineer, is this assumption totally correct? YES/NO. If NO, in what ways can these safety devices/mechanism fail to provide the expected protection? List at least 4 ways for each device.

3.   In a Gas Processing plant, it was discovered that over the duration of 12 months after commissioning, in 8 separate incidents where the Pressure Transmitter connected to the Slug Catcher’s Pressure Control Valve (PCV) failed, the inlet SDV also tripped simultaneously.
a.   What are the two main possible causes/reasons for this failure mode?
b.   How would you go about detecting the root causes?

4.   In designing an API 650 Fixed Roof, Crude oil storage tank, is the use of a Pressure Vacuum Safety Valve (PVSV) mandatory? YES/NO. Provide the technical code reference for your answer.

5.   The NPSH value is important in the design and selection of pumps. How much, in meters, does Atmospheric pressure contribute to the Available NPSH for pumps?

6.   What parameter is of higher importance than NPSH in the design/selection of Positive Displacement Pumps?
a.   Pump Motor Speed
b.   Impeller Size
c.   Piston size
d.   Discharge Pressure
e.   Acceleration head
f.   Pump Centre-line elevation

7.   For oil of API 40 DEG, required to deliver 10,000 BOPD, delivery head of 80m, Calculate the required Pump Power. Show your calculation details.

Submission Deadline Expired!
Click to View Last Week's Winner / QUIZ OF THE WEEK: Weeks 11 & 12 Winner Announcement
« Last post by ffadmin on September 30, 2015, 08:48:13 AM »
Weeks of September 16 - September 30, 2015 Quiz Winner: Richard.chijioke.

No member met the target 100% score. However, the highest score of 4 out of 7 was by Richard.chijioke. He is awarded 50% of the week's $180 cash prize ($90).

The target remains Excellence.
No, I do not think so. We have seen over the years, those without degrees, the dropouts do excellently well in life. In fact, some of them end up employing those with one degree or the other.
Degree is one of the means to an end; it is not an end in itself. Degree or no degree, you will succeed if you work at it.
In most cases, what you need to succeed is to identify your natural abilities/talents and nurture them. Examples are the sport men and women.
A degree is definitely not a prerequisite to success for all. It is a stepping stone for those who deem it important. It is what you do with the degree you get which boils down to determination, willpower and hardwork. There are a lot of people are successful without degrees and ones with degrees. So it depends on what the individual terms success. Someone would education to achieve his goal while another might not. E.g if one wants to save lives, you can become a doctor (education needed) or a herbalist (no education)
I think on the short run, it will have a negative effect because there will be an immediate increase in price of fuel which will make people shift to its substitutes for their different endeavours, and hence its sales drop. However, on the long run, more private investors will come into the industry and increase competition and subsequently increase sales.
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