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  • November 12, 2019, 12:30:44 PM

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Well, from my point of view, we are all to blame; The Government, citizens and yes tribalism.

Blame Apportioning;

The Government: First, the government has in not made any major efforts in trying to develop the country technologically, most of the tech advancements are brought about by private firms whose major aim is to make profit. The government is required to create an enabling environment for its citizens and investors (i.e. first of all provide basic amenities; light, water, good roads, proper health care).

if investors have the basic needs met then they can train the citizens in tech related education and have them employed to work instead of importing most of their tools and equipment.

Also, the insatiable thirst for wealth has lead the government to corruption, as officials are willing to take bribes so as to look the other way when investor are looting the nation of her wealth.

The Citizen:
Now we all are familiar with the saying "Think not what Nigeria / Government can do for you, think of what you can do for Nigeria/ the Government". this saying basically tells Nigerians to go to work in creating and idealizing.

Most youth these days are looking for routes to riches that they don't want to bother with proper education. this type of attitude reduces the amount of brain power required for tech advancement.

Also, those interested are either trying to make ends meet or discouraged by people who think it is a waste of time and don't believe anything good can come out of the country.

Education System:
The Nigerian education system and the educators have become so archaic that both cannot be compared to their counterparts in the western world or even in other countries with economies like ours.

the curriculum run by the education system in the country does very little to expose young Nigerians to technology, and even when it does, it puts the old technology on a silver platter and due to negligence on the pat of most educators, abandons newer advancements in technology.

If children are exposed to tech education at a tender age, it help them build a healthy interest in technology and what it stands for.

Tribalism: As awkward as it may sound, tribalism also has a portion of blame to it. the amalgamation of Northern and Southern Nigeria is celebrated this year as a major Landmark in the nations history, but it seems that even after a hundred years, only the lands are called one. The disunity of Nigerians has brought about much quarrel, squabble, and altogether lack of peace.

Two people can only move together if the have a common goal without resentments. The struggle for power by different tribes within the country has made it almost impossible for the nation to move forward as there is usually lack of continuity in the government after a new government comes into power.

These are a little of the different blames that we as Nigerians share. No one entity is to blame... we all are. Thank you.

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