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Author Topic: Week 20: Questions for $50!  (Read 580 times)


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Week 20: Questions for $50!
« on: January 12, 2016, 05:37:52 AM »
1.   A process engineer specifies the dimension of a 3-phase separator as 35 (O.D) x 40 (S/S) as the nominal separator size. Is anything wrong with the selection?  If yes, what are the 2 main errors in this specification?

2.   A typical oil well with average API 420 has the following characteristics;
BOPD(Barrels of Oil Per Day)
                                  Initial            Final
Oil Production           10,000          2,000
Water Production      1,000            8,000
Determine the specific gravity of the mixture for both initial and final conditions (Assume specific gravity of produced water to be 1.0)

3.   In the design of 35m DIA x 12.5m height storage tank, first course and bottom plate thicknesses were evaluted to be 12mm.  How many number of plates will be required for the bottom and first course if 2.5m x 10m x 12mm standard steel plate is selected if the tank contain 5 courses?

4.   Crude oil of API 380 and dynamic viscosity of 5.0cp flows through an 8-inch ASTM A106 Grd B Sch 40 pipe at the rate of 500GPM.
The design pressure is given as 100psi, joint efficiency factor is 1.0, design factor is 0.72 and the pipe SMYS is 35,000psi, determine the required pipeline wall thickness.  Use corrosion allowance of 3mm.

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